User rating
  • Uses regular AA batteries
  • 16 feet (4.8 m) cord for solar panel
  • Added electric cord for recharging batteries in cloudy days.
  • Sleek design
  • Amazing customer service with a call in number for any trouble
  • Made from plastic
  • Uses only two batteries


Desiners Edge is a company that has been creating light fixtures for more than two decades and they have a very innovative and high quality products that represent a real brand quality. Designers Edge as a company has also received a lot of patent and packaging awards and recently this company was acquired by Coleman Cable what is an international leader in packaging and delivering broad range of cable and wire products. Especially for solar floodlights this company has many motion activated and regular solar lights that fills all market needs.

Designer-Edge-L955-black-wideLight review

This L955 solar flood light designed and manufactured by Designers Edge is one of the few solar powered lights that has an aesthetic feel and amazing design. As you can see from the picture this light is different from other solar flood lights because it is also good looking and won’t ruin your house exterior but can even improve it because of the curved lines and an interestingly mounted light source at the top. This motion activated light has a detachable solar panel that can be put up to 16 feet (4.8 m) from the light fixture itself and this gives this light an advantage that it can be put where the sun isn’t shining but the panel can be placed at a distance where there is more sunlight. This solar panel is made from plastic and has one main fitting where it can be attached to any surface and rotated to any direction. This panel is made from plastic but it feels strong and resilient and because it is waterproof no weather will harm your light.

The light itself has 9.5 inch x 7.5 inch x 9 inch (24 cm x 19 cm x 22 cm) dimensions and it weighs 3.1 pounds (1.4 kg) and you get it in black plastic cover. Basically this light has 45 bright wide angle LED diodes that will provide you with bright light for about two hours in continuous use or about 50 half minute bursts if switched to cyclic mode. 2 hours doesn’t seem that much but you can turn this light on only for a few seconds with the motion sensor that has 180 degree detection angle.  And as a security light it is perfect because the motions ensor only turns on the light when a motion of some sort is detected so you will save energy and usually the light wont turn of more than a couple of time a night for a normal use, but when you need a continuous light just flip the switch and you get those two hours of light.

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While the 2 hour working period and 45 LED light diodes are impressive attributes the one that makes this light the best in my mind is that this light uses regular AA rechargeable batteries that have 3600mah in the default configuration. These batteries are very popular and you can get a replacement ones for a couple of bucks and you can even find ones that can hold more electricity and get even more light out of your light.

But be aware that you will need a full day of continuous sunlight if you want to fully recharge your solar light but a partially recharged one will turn on anyway just not as long as with full charge.

As any other LED light this has a rated lifespan of 50000 hours and with cheap AA batteries you truly get a FREE energy out of this lamp so check out the advantages and disadvantages and think about buying it, because this is an excellent piece of lighting.

So as you can see there are way more advantages than disadvantages and I think this review is as good as it gets because all the other solar flood lights are usually clumsy and with no design at all but this light stands out from the crowd and you will be able to use it in almost any security or regular lighting setup.

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