User rating
  • uses 3 AA batteries
  • 50 feet motion detection
  • 2 year warranty
  • great user manual
  • made mainly from plastic
  • produces dimm light

Cooper-Lighting-whole-fixtureCooper Lighting MSLED is a motion activated solar powered LED flood light that has 180 degrees up to 50 feet motion detection area and about 3 hours of lighting time with fully recharged batteries. This is a two part fixture that is combined by a wire and those two parts can be placed separately for maximum life expectancy and your convenience.
Lets start with the Light & Motion Sensor side of the whole light. This motion detector is capable of detecting movement to a 180 degree angle and 50 feet (15 m) distance and is designed to work in winter and in summer no matter how bad or good the weather conditions are. At the top of the motion sensor you get a floodlight type bulb with one powerful White light LED diode at the center and illuminating material around the diode. The light that this device produces is not bright but it is designed to illuminate completely dark areas with some light so you will be able to see your keyhole at your house door or scare off burglars that are wondering at your backyard. This part of the lamp fixture is screwed with two screws to a flat surface and the motion detector as well as the actual flood light are adjustable so you can get them in the right position after the light installation. This plastic block also supports the power source or the 3 AA form factor rechargeable Ni-MH batteries that can be recharged by that solar panel. These batteries are made to last long and have recharge cycles in the hundreds so they can last for several years. If however your rechargeable batteries run out then you can simply change them by screwing down the back side of the light and taking out the battery compartment. This light & motion detector part of the fixture needs to be placed somewhere around the 8 to 12 feet (2.4 – 3 m)  region from the ground as at that distance the motion detector will have the best possible angle and you will cover the most distance with reasonable light.

MSLED whole fixture with details

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Then there is the solar panel that is secured by three screws and is also adjustable to get the most amount of sunlight and make the greatest energy to recharge the batteries. This Panel is designed to be able to recharge those 3 AA batteries in one day but that means that you need a full day of direct sunlight and if there are clouds or your solar panel gets into the shade then the batteries won’t completely recharge. This solar panel can be mounted 8 feet (2.4 m) from the light fixture so you have quite a large area to find the best solar light possible. It is also advised to adjust this panel every couple of month because Sun is always changing its trajectory and you need the best possible angle to get full recharge in one day.CooperIndusties MSLED battery change

You should also know that the solar panel and motion detectors need to be cleaned at least twice a year to be able to work properly as there will be some dust or other residue on them as time passes by. Also this is not intended for use indoors so install this MSLED solar flood light only outside the house! The whole fixture and solar panel is made from plastic but that doesn’t stop it from being able to withstand harsh weather and rainfall but you should know that right after installation you should let it sit for a couple of days to fully recharge the batteries.

Overall this is a great peace of lighting and you get a solar panel , motion detector installation manual and also the floodlight itself for one price and those rechargeable batteries are also included in the price so it is a bargain. The manufacturer also gives 2 year warranty on this light but the fixture will work well past that time period and the only maintenance you need will be to replace batteries and clean the solar panel and motion detector but for that you get FREE light all year long!

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