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  • 1 year warranty - This is one of the few light that has such a long warranty and that gives you added confidence that this is a good and well built fixture.
  • Extensive light manual.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Detachable solar panel.
  • Only 6W light output
  • Plastic casing
  • Solar panel cannot be adjusted when it is screwed down.


The manufacturer of this floodlight is no other than Cooper Lighting a company that is in the light maret from 1957 and still makes one of the best light that include solar powered motion activated flood lights. This is one of the 4 lights that this company makes that are solar powered and use LED diodes.This light has all the same advantages as other products by a company that is more than 50 years old so you can expect god build quality and effective design.

Cooper Lighting MSLED 180WFixture

This exact fixture is a motion activated with a separate solar panel. This MSLED 180W light has 2 x 3W diodes that produce quite a powerful light and can be mounted separately or together so you can light a single area with bright light or a more wider area with less lumens getting to the ground.

The motion sensor on this light has a detection range of 180 degrees and can detect motion up to 70 feet (21 meter) region in any weather conditions. This light is made to be waterproof so the only thing that can disrupt the work of it is dust that could get on the sensor but with a clean wipe you will be good to go again.
This light as I mentioned before has a detachable solar panel that is 6 x 8 inches (15 x 20 cm) in size and can be mounted to any surface with 4 screws that are included in the light package. This solar panel can also be fitted as far as 16 feet  (4.8 meters) so you will be able to put it where the sun is shining for the longest time during the day. When you are fitting this solar panel you need to know that the this floodlight needs at least 4 hours of direct sunlight to fully recharge the battery so it is best to place it in the brightest spot available. One more tip is to instal this light and let it recharge for about 4 days and only then turn it on as this can save your battery life.

MSLED 180W light has two 3 W diodes that are cased in reflective material so that all the light from them can be dispersed in the direction of the fixture and these diodes will provide you with quite a bright light that is completely free.

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The light fixture itself is in white color and is attached to your intended wall with 2 screws but that doesn’t mean you can’t adjust it because the light itself and the motion detector are both adjustable so you will be able to position in any direction.

You can change the dials for this light to work for 1 to 3 minute intervals and when the battery gets exhausted a red diode will turn on that will indicate the light has run out of juice and it needs to be recharged. When this happens the light fixture itself will understand that it can turn on only when there is enough juice so it will turn on only after the batteries have recharged the appropriate woltage level to supply full power to those diodes.

The manufacturer also gives a free operating manual with the purchase that states all the various malfunctions that can happen and what to do in each case and even says that in any anomalies you can call their customer support and they will replace your fixture with brand new one. This sounds like a bold statement but some customers say that this is true and they truly will replace your light if something happens in that 1 year of warranty time.


This is one of the best products on the market and it is made by a well known and trusted company. The only drawback to this light is the low light output but for a solar flood light the light is enough to light up fully that 16 feet (4.8) meter area and quite a bit larger area with partial light.

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