What are LED Solar Flood Lights?

What are floodlights

Floodlights are specific type of lightning that are designed to provide high amount of artificial light to a large area. Generally speaking, if you have a large area like sports field, stadium, stages for concerts, parking lot or smaller one like backyard, garden, swimming pool, or driveway, floodlights are the best choice as light source that will light up your desired area. Floodlights include high intensity lamps that provide a large amount of light to a certain place where they are set and can be used repeatedly for a specific amount of time.

The most powerful and largest floodlights are used for large areas like sports fields or concert arenas. Benefits of these lamps on large areas are boundless compared to other light sources like for example spotlights or casual home and work lights. If these lights are placed correctly around a sports field or other wide area, each providing powerful light to a defined part of field, altogether they can provide so much artificial light to cover all the entire field or area. And the best part is that it costs less to do this than with other sources of lighting. Using this technique you can even produce same amount of lightning and visibility as sunlight on day. Floodlights also can be used on stages in concerts or theaters, as they can light up certain area in stage and highlight it, and they come in various shapes and colors that can help to make plays and concerts even more creative and attractive to viewers.

More popular way to use floodlights are in home or backyard. There are different ways people use this light sources for their needs. One of the most popular examples might be as front door outside lighting, garage door and driveway lighting to help lighten up them at night to help you walk safe to your house . Also popular area to use flood lights is yard, where you can lighten up swimming pools, trails, garden figures and other noticeable parts of your backyard or just be used as decorations. Businesses uses flood lights to lighten up their parking lots.

Flood lights are really good combined together with motion sensor. These lights are called motion floodlights. It responds to motion in near distance of light sensor and instantly turns the light on. This can be really useful at nights in outdoor or other dark places where it is hard to get to light switch. Many people use motion detection device together with flood lights as security and safety helper at their home. Producing a lot of lighting it can be used to deter unwanted persons or even criminals from visiting your apartment. Motion floodlights combined with solar panels can make the best home outdoor light source that can also be cost effective and supports green thinking.

There are various types of flood lights available, most common of which are incandescent that are used in residential areas and provides different kind of sizes, colors and watts and LED lights, that also provides same options as incandescent lights but has its own pluses compared to other light sources, for example, they use about 60 percent less energy and have much longer lifespan. Also there are fluorescent flood lights which are not that popular and can be used as low intensity light source. Other types are energy saving sodium lights and halide floodlights that both are more popular in industrial settings rather than regular homes. As an alternative solar flood light is a good option to consider. They use sunlight as a power source to charge batteries that can later produce light for certain amount of time when required. Solar flood lights are most popular with LED bulbs.

led flood light types

What are LED flood lights

LED flood lights are specific type of flood lights that uses LED bulbs as light source. If you are interested in using flood lights to illuminate desired area, you definitely need to consider buying LED lights as they have many benefits over other light sources of this type and can be the best choice to use as a flood lighting for your house. There are different types of LED light bulbs currently available at stores, so you have many options to choose from to help you find that right lamp that satisfies your requirements. They come in various colors and powers starting from 10W to powerful 100W strength bulbs each suitable for different actions and needs. Although LED lamps are considered to be more expensive, they have significant benefits over other light types that makes them first choice to look at, when considered to get the best, long living, powerful and economical lights.

There are 4 main benefits that shows how LED lights are superior to other light sources on market. These benefits are:

  • Brightness – LED lights are considered to be brighter than other competing light sources. They are largely replacing halogens and one huge improvement is that 10W LED flood light bulb can produce same amount of light as an old 100W bulb using up to 60 – 70% less electricity. They can produce approximately as much light as two or even three halogen light bulbs, which means that they use less energy to produce same power and brightness. So LED flood lights can be used as a great light source when you need power, brightness and efficiency from your lights.
  • Lifetime – Other great benefit of LED lights is that they have much longer lifetime than other competing light sources. Even if they are used each day continuously they last much longer than other types of lights, for example, old halogen lamps. They can produce light for tens of thousands hours without having any problems or faults. This again results in much less cost needed to maintain or replace bulbs and much longer working time than other lamps.
  • Power Economy – As mentioned above these lights are perfect choice when you need to save money on electricity. Although they cost more than for example halogen lights, they are much more efficient using less energy and have much longer lifetime which all results in more savings and cuts on electric bill and also replacement and maintenance is needed in longer period of time.
  • Usefulness and Usage – LED flood lights are great option if you need powerful lighting and don’t want to increase your electric bill. They can be used as security lights at your home or be a good option for business owners to help to protect their property. LED flood light bulbs come in various strengths and colors from different suppliers, so there is quite large choice between options which can suit all kinds of purposes and activities. Also combined with solar panel, LED flood lights can save even more money on electricity and make them must have lighting source for your house or business.

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What is solar flood light

solar flood lightSolar flood light is a good option to consider when floodlight is needed. They have solar panels that charges with sunlight and stores energy for later use. Solar energy is free for everyone and if you live in sunny areas or have sunny spots on your house or backyard to install the flood light, then it’s really good idea to try solar flood lights. However you should always read specifications about solar light you want to buy and make right decisions on what light is best for your needs, and if solar flood lights are best choice available. Solar flood lights are great choice if you can’t get or don’t have electricity near you and need a temporary light source for limited light places or at night. Prices for these lights are affordable and not much higher than regular flood lights. Bonus is that solar lights uses solar power that is totally free and you won’t have to pay for electricity which means saving more money. And what’s also mentionable is that you help environment by using alternative energy type – solar energy, so you help to protect environment.

LED solar flood lights

Solar flood lights are best and most popular with LED bulbs. Main reason is that LED lamps uses less energy than other light sources, are cheaper to maintain and have much longer lifetime. The biggest plus is that LED lights are more brighter and produce more light with less energy consumption that is crucial with solar lights, because the main drawback of solar light is that it doesn’t have unlimited power supply and consuming less electricity means more work time with full charge. Other thing is that LED lights are brighter than other compatible light sources, and with solar lights that’s another plus, because they tend to be less bright than regular flood lights, and with LED lamps producing light, this deficiency can be evaded.

LED solar flood lights with motion detector

Motion detector is very popular option with LED solar flood lights. It helps to save more energy by switching on when motion is detected in front of the light and off after certain period of time. It considerably helps saving more power and can ensure significantly longer work time than if lamp is working full time without a stop. Solar LED flood light with motion detector is excellent option as house or garage front door light, driveway light or even as lighting for small trails and tracks on your backyard or other similar areas. There are all sorts of different sun powered LED motion lights available on market and each have a different motion sensor sensitivity and on off time, other lamps have option to manually set or choose between given on, off times. Overall there are lots of different lights each with its own specifics and options on market, and it just needs to be considered, which are more suitable for your needs and desires.

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