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MAXSA Innovation 10 hour solar floodlight review

This Maxa solar floodlight is one of the few lights that truly have excellent build quality and is highly recommended by buyers. This floodlight has 12 LED diodes that can light up a 10 x 10 feet (3 x 3 meter) area with bright light and the

Reusable Revolution 108 LED Ground Mount Floodlight

Manufacturer 108 LED Solar Powered Flood Light with Ground Mount is manufactured by Reusable Revolution LLC company. This company is known for making different kind of solar powered lights like road lights, spot lights, garden lights, post and deck lights, different portable solar products and solar flood

MAXSA Innovations 40223 Black 50 LED review

This MAXSA Innovations 40223 Black 50 LED solar flood light is a perfect candidate for household lighting as it provides very bright light and can last more than 3 hour for 1 minute intervals. This light is really good looking and despite being made from plastic it

LampLust Solar Two Directional Security Flood Light

Manufacturer Solar Two Directional Security Flood Light is manufactured by LampLust company. They have been around light business since 2002 and started their larger online light store in 2007. That is more over 10 years of experience in lighting business. They are offering different types of light

Smart Solar 3160WRM1 review

Manufacturer Manufacturer of this two piece solar flood light is a company called Smart Solar that specializes in solar powered lights and garden equipment production. This company is always innovating and striving to produce the best product that would surprise people with their amazing products and to

Cooper Lighting MSLED review

Cooper Lighting MSLED is a motion activated solar powered LED flood light that has 180 degrees up to 50 feet motion detection area and about 3 hours of lighting time with fully recharged batteries. This is a two part fixture that is combined by a wire and

Concept Enterprises SL-100 light review

This Concept Enterprises Solar powered motion activated flood light is one of the best ones on the market and in the top 5 most talked about. This SL-100 solar light has 32 Wide angle LED diodes and a detachable solar panel that recharges a 4500 mAh  4

MicroSolar 28 LED Solar Outdoor Floodlight

Manufacturer This 28 LED Solar Outdoor Floodlight is manufactured by MicroSolar. MicroSolar is offering different solar flood lights, all with good design and quality, some of flood lights also have motion sensor. Their products start from smaller solar flood lights like this particular one, and reach up

MicroSolar 64 diode solar flood light review

64 diode 3W MicroSolar solar powered flood light is a relative newcomer to the market but the specifications and that low price makes this one of the best flood lights. This outdoor flood light has a metallic frame but has also a plastic outer shell and that

TR Solar 1.5 W LED solar flood light review

Manufacturer: TR Energy is a Chinese company that focuses on oil and gas exploration but what we are interested in is the Solar Energy Group Co, and that is a sub division of TR Energy called TR Solar. This subdivision was created in 2006 and is focused

Stylish L949 from Designers Edge review

This Designers Edge L949 Solar flood light is a stylish floodlight for use in sheds or to light your front porch with those 10 bright LED diodes that can last up to 100000 hours. This light has a separate solar panel and light so you can put

Tektrum 30 Diode flood light

Manufacturer Tektrum Development Corporation is a US based company that manufactures solar powered flight starting from garden appliances to flood lights and even signs and large scale solar panels. This company is in this marketplace from the early 1994 and since then has developed manufacturing building in